Why life is so unpredictable ? Why people are not
same as they were two days ago ? Why ? I really wonder .Why we let the outsider to enter our life and they change us and our life , our behaviour ? Why we gave them such authority? Who they are ?
This is the biggest mistake we do , not only in our
teenage but also after becoming adult and mature enough to understand everything ? but then why we do such a mistake.


I m not saying that we completely stop building new relationships. Relationship are the most beautiful thing in life that you ever experience whether it is a relationship of as a mother, father , son , daughter , friends and so on until the relationship is true and loyal. Starting interacting with new people will show you the real face of the world but not make them a part of life that bring miseries to your life.


After such experience , whether it is good or bad
and if it s bad , you try to forget all that happen
your mind tries to remove all the memories
but your bitch heart reminds you everything
all good and bad things and you just start hating
your fucking life. All day and night passed thinking about why that is happened to me ? and all those bla bla stuffs .


Why you give such huge importance to that person who don’t even remember your name ? Have you even think about your parents as you are crazy about that person? Think about it . After few days , when you have forgotten all those , you start regretting why this person came to your life. Instead of taking lesson about all that happen you start regretting your mistakes . Be cool you are a human being and human beings made mistakes.

Don’t regret . Learn , Forget and Chill.



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13 thoughts on “A REGRET TO REGRET…………

  1. Ashish Jain says:

    Wow, you written it so beautifully, great work. Keep it up smarty 👏👏👏
    Waiting for you next post…..😆

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