8 Annoying Habits Of Siblings

8 Annoying Habits Of Siblings

Brother’s and Sister’s Relationship is like Tom and Jerry. They tease and irritate each other, knock each other down, but can’t live without each other.

  They are the ones who wants to annoy us the rest of our lives. Brothers and sisters are some of the most important people in our lives.“What strange creatures they are.” They are the ones who know exactly how to annoy you, tease you and in general, drive you absolutely bonkers. Here are 8 Annoying Habits Of Siblings   1.Cold War – Clothes War :       “Siblings are like built-in shoplifters, always asking stuff that doesn’t belong to them.” When it comes to borrowing clothes, siblings are the best in doing that. They have a unique skill in taking clothes without permission. Sometimes they’re returned safely, but let’s be realistic, more often they don’t get returned for months.   2.Mummy ka Magic Fire: It’s like every time they want you to do their things done, they use this quick fire way of blackmailing to mommy … And if some mess is made in the house and trouble is coming on the way, the finger will always be at you. Siblings love blaming each other for things they didn’t do. There might be no reason as such that you want your sibling to change, but this reason would be on the top.   3.Running interference: “Sometimes siblings get in each others space.”   We all love having a chat about our love lives and those early days in a relationship when you are still in the bubble. Whether you’re talking about it with your crush or sharing a secretive thought with your bestie, there’s nothing worse than your siblings interfering and being extremely blunt, and you threatening to beat them up.   4.Treasure Hunt:     Siblings love to muddle each other and there’s nothing more annoying than when they play treasure hunt game with you by  hiding  your favourite book , toy, especially food  and laugh hysterically as you search frantically. 5.Oye Moti – Moti Oye : Ladkiyan jitni bhi patli hojaaye , par bhai ke liye hamesha moti hi rehti hai. This would be the most annoying one for girls.   6.The remote access: “Aapke Bhai-Behan hone ka koi fayda nai agar aap remote ke liye paaglon ki tarah nai lade toh.” Those are the actual brawling moments when you both actually go on a war to win the television remote so that you get to watch your favourite serial. 7.The Smart Attitude: When you genuinely want to help your younger one’s and they deny every suggestion claiming themselves to be smarter than you. 8.Boost your self-confidence Siblings will constantly throw insults at you, regardless of how nice you think you look. According to them, you are usually ‘like the back of a bus’ or ‘dragged through a bush backwards’.

But siblings are siblings and we cannot compare their love with anyone in this world. It leaves a smile on our face when we think of those trifling fights we had and suddenly used to make up. The memories may fade away with passing time but the love we share will always grow.

    So, enjoy the bond of love every moment. And gift something innovative and special this raksha bandhan to your sibllings by tying  personalised photo rakhi this season and photo collage

 Happy Rakshabandhan!

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